Welcome to Spectrum – Progressively Positive

We believe that the world is a place filled with honest people who shine with sparks of positivity.
Spectrum is born out of a belief that goodness and intelligence already exists in people. They
can, at any moment, embrace and leverage it for themselves and others. What is important is
to find the inspiration and the guidance to enlighten that.

It is our sole purpose to instill good intentions through experiential learning for people
and enabling them to spread the power further. We reach out to a wide spectrum of people who
can ascend different levels of who they can be. We are here to help every person achieve their
potential and use it to set their goals and achieve them effectively.

Tuning in to the consciousness

We believe in the power of a positive inner conscious and leverage it to create a better
outcome for society and mankind. Our transformation process using alternate
therapies is simple and relatable, so that more people embrace it and live their
positivity every day.

Experiencing your own Spectrum

The intrinsic ray of goodness and flame of intelligence that everyone has is often over-shadowed by the responsibilities and experiences of the modern world.
Positivity and goodness are powerful forces within oneself that can help one rise above challenges of life and change your outlook towards all aspects of life leading to a wholesome, fulfilled life.

How we can “positive-ise” your life

Doing well in life is serious business but it doesn't have to be a struggle. Thus we include a lot of ease, fun and humour along the way of transformation. Work half done and life half-lived are both a waste. Thus, positivity and excellence are a big part of what we do. We use various arts and sciences to create positive experiences, which motivate you to go the distance and get more out of life. At the end we want to present, fun-loving, self-loving, motivated individuals that have the power to achieve whatever they desire.

Offerings : Abundantly positive

You feel that you know yourself. But is that the truth? Or is there a more powerful, centre you waiting to come out in the
open and shine? If you believe in the possibility of the latter, unlock the true you with these mind-opening possibilities:

NLP Certification Workshop

If your mind is full of questions and negative thoughts then you are not using the potential of your mind. Instead you are draining your energies into thoughts that do not nourish. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could understand and change the way you think, feel and behave? What if it helped you choose what to do and be what you want to be?

NLP: What is it?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. The human mind is capable of ‘one shot learning’. And that is how our practices and fears get installed in our mind. Instead of these negatives, capable practitioners install positives in the mind of a participant. NLP is a permanent change that uses changes at the subconscious levels to empower you. It can also be used to treat phobias, depression habit disorders, allergies and even common cold.

An NLP equipped person finds enhancement in the following skills:

NLP equipped person finds enhancement in the following skills

One can expect to gain social popularity, be a more effective orator, find greater success in business,
gain control over own life, find fulfillment in relationships, achieve financial growth, find greater happiness,
be healthier, form new habits, be confident and overcome previous obstacles.

Who can benefit from NLP?

You can gain a lot of NLP, no matter who you are in life.

  • Senior Management – MD, CxO, VP, Head of Department
  • HR Professionals at all levels
  • Sales Professionals at all levels
  • Managers & Senior Managers
  • Employees at all levels
  • Business Owners, Professionals, Entrepreneurs
  • Trainers, Teachers, Coach/Counselors/Therapists, Students, Parents, Children
  • Social workers, Health/Sports Professionals

What's in it for you?

In an NLP workshop, we provide a reference manual for use during the training. It is a tool, which you can refer anytime. Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will be certified through the National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NFNLP), USA Our NLP workshop is a hands-on, practical program. Each exercise is first installed on a participant and then other participants follow suit. This provides a lot of experiential learning while making the sessions fun and interactive.

Duration: 5 day workshop across 2 weekends.

Rapport Building

What is Rapport Building?

The world runs on relationships. Even after all the mechanization and computerization, at the base of everything, there are human beings with emotions, feelings, expectations and individuality.

The most successful people in the world realize this and ensure that they are able to form the right connection with the other person. Rapport building is an art of creating connection with other people for a win-win solution while maintaining a positive intention. It is a combination of verbal and non-verbal rapport building with greater focus on non-verbal communication.

Why Build Rapport?

Being able to build rapport makes you a people person and can be used extensively to create opportunities and healthy relationships for yourself. You could create positive connections with team members, build good relationships with clients and suppliers, break ice with new people when meeting them first time, win support for your ideas and improve relationships.

Rapport is similar to trust, and you can often build trust and rapport simultaneously. It is a combination of verbal and non-verbal chemistry with more focus on non-verbal communication. Building building rapport focuses more on establishing a bond or connection, which is often unsaid.

Building Honest Rapport

You can build rapport honestly, or you can use it cynically.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to have honest rapport with family members, kids, boss, manager, spouse, society members, club member, and anyone else, is welcome to do this workshop.

Especially those whose professional success relies upon their relationship with their clients or customers Sales, Front office, Service industry like service engineers, Waiters, Masseurs, Public relationship officers/executives, Nurses, Doctors, Entrepreneurs.

Art & Science of Communication

If we are in the midst of people and society, we are constantly communicating. We could be doing it verbally or
non-verbally. And sometimes we get angry or behave inexplicaby rudely or harshly.

Communication is a 2-way exercise. It is not just about what you say but also about how you understand the
listener's perspective. Unless the listener and you are on the same page, your communication will be
misunderstood. Every individual uses a mix of visual, audo and kinesthetic senses, however, most of the times
there is one or many primary senses an individual uses.
Effectively using these senses to our advantage makes our communication more effective and powerful.

Who should Attend?
This workshop empowers the participants whether businessmen, students, job seekers, teacher, housewives or
anyone to treat their communication in a way that it reaches out as intended.

Set Goals,
but how do I achieve it?

'Promises are meant to be broken' sounds best only in literature. In reality, if you
find it hard to stick to your goals, resolutions and promises, life is full of
disappointments for yourself and your loved ones. There can be a lot of factors that
can keep you from achieving your goals or keeping your promises. But these are just
beliefs that keep you as an individual in the safe zone always.

This workshop helps to first create realistic, practical goals and helps in achieving it

Who should attend?
Suitable for all those who want their word to mean something.

Music and Art

Experience the combination two wonderful right brain activities in a single forum to go
through a magical transformation of your life. You can only experience it when you be a
part of the Drum Circles

What is Drum Circle?

A Drum circle is an extremely powerful therapeutic session that facilitates release of
pent up emotions and stress and kindles inner peace for the participants. Facilitated by
the facilitator, the participants sit in a curcle and play drums even if they do not know
how. Even a 45-minute session is extremely effective and rejuvenates the participants.

Drum Circles can be used at corporates, NGOs, Schools, colleges, communities, birthday
and marriage parties

Drum circle and various art forms
Drum circles, Dancing, NLP and Fine arts are combined in various combinations to
create different experiences. Drum Circles are conducted in collaboration with Taal Inc.

Love Unlimited

Couples Workshop

There is one relationship where only love and trust are the foremost and important ingredients for two individuals to be in harmony. When this relationship faces hurdles, discord enters all aspects of life. Most people tend to look at their relationships only when something goes wrong instead of nurturing them regularly to ensure that nothing goes wrong

Who Should Attend?

Our workshops are for both - couples who are facing a difficult time in their relationships and want to mend it and for couples who already have good relationship and want to take it to a level of loving and trustworthy relationaship where proximity, physical relationship and other social constraints are inconsequential to them. The workshop helps realize the uniqeness of each partner and helps them the art of living together with unconditional love and affection. It helps each individual explore the true meaning of love and togetherness.

A weekend workshop for couples is specially designed to refresh and re-live the moments of ecstasy.

The Sports Mind Coaching

Our body breaks the records only when one decides mentally, to break the record. Excellence can be obtained when the mind is trained appropriately before the body is taught the skills.

Mind coaching is a process of working along with the skill coach for a team or individual sport person to ensure the victory is achieved. Scientists have proven that skills are acquired faster & better when mental training is accompanied along with skills training.

The Process

The mind coach works along with the skill coach on 1-1 basis and would depend the individual needs. There will be group activities when the needs are similar. The mind coach uses techniques developed by psychologists e.g. NLP, Silva, Graphology etc. which are proven to give positive results. The frequency of the mind coaching sessions are identified in consultation with the skill coach and the specific outcomes required. These sessions becomes extremely critical and useful during competitive sporting events.

Who should avail?

Coaches & Sports person of

For Individuals

Business Coaching

A successful business isn't just the story of results achieved by the entrepreneur
or management team. Instead it is the result of aligned intrinsic motivation of
the head of the organization and it's key employees

Business coaching is done keeping the desired outcome of the business in view.
The desired outcome could be Revenue, Customer satisfaction, Service level
agreements (SLAs), etc. 6-month long term customized intervention for the head
of the organization and key employees


These sessions are a combination of 1-2-1 and group classroom and outdoor
sessions aligning the intrinsic motivation and the organization's outcomes

Life Coaching

Any individual going through a life event, which needs support, motivation,
correctional steps or excellence can need life coaching.
Corrective measures are dealth with the individual and the practitioner meets the
participant on a 1-2-1 basis to enable the individual to make progress. Unlike the
traditional approaches of 2-3 months, our Life Coaches meet the individuals for
only for 4 sessions.

Excellence is required for people in sports, martial arts, combats and also in
career. For this, 1-2-1 sessions are conducted where the duration and frequency
are decided based on the need


Interestingly Positive

Founder -
Shankar Mridha

All our workshops are orchestrated by Shankar Mridha, A Positivist. He bring in 17 years of diverse experience in the Corporate world, having been an AVP in a Fortune 500 company where he headed one of the IT divisions before venturing in to Entrepreneurship. Shankar's knack of understanding human behavior has not only fascinated him but consistently brought him close to varous sciences of sub-consious mind e.g. Graphology, Huna, Pranic Healing, Silva Techniques etc.

Shankar is also a trained coach and mentor from his corporate life. His experience in training and facilitation of around 10 years has given immense knowledge and experience of facilitaion and various experiential workshops. Shankar is a Certified Masters in NLP & trainer in NLP from NFNLP (National federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming, USA).

Shankar's high energy combined with a soothing aura makes him an adorable person and facilitator. Shankar's ability to combine humor, science and art in the form of music provides a unique experience for all the participants.

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